What Can a Fashion Degree Do For You

Your love for fashion may manifest through your latest bag or shoe purchases. But if your interest in anything stylish goes beyond buying the newest outfit trends, or you have lots of wild wardrobe design ideas you wish to sell, then you may consider getting a fashion degree.

Enrolling for a degree in fashion is not limited to design. It includes other industry aspects, such as photography, public relations, and merchandising. If you pursue this degree, you could have plenty of career options on your plate. Here are some job opportunities if you study for a degree in fashion.

Fashion Design

Most people who take a course in fashion are planning to have a career in fashion design. This field is mainly reserved for fashion design graduates from reputable schools and universities. As a designer, you will take on the task of creating a layout and producing the garments and products.

Graduating with a fashion design degree will usually secure you a job as a designer’s assistant. You can use this as a mark to gain more knowledge and develop skills to build your name in the fashion industry. It will also give you hands-on training to help bring your ideas to life. Most importantly, completing a fashion design course may provide you with connections to the biggest names in the industry through the internships you need to finish before earning your degree.

Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Buying

If designing is not your forte but still dreaming of becoming a part of the glitzy fashion world, then a career in the merchandising or buying fields could be your best option.

A career in fashion buying requires you to look for sources and purchase the latest trending products that will suit the taste of your clients and customers. Meanwhile, the fashion merchandiser is more business-oriented since you must calculate the amount your customer plans to spend on fashion items. You will also need to ensure that all the essential products are placed in the right store at the most appropriate time.

Both roles are crucial for the fashion retail industry. Completing a fashion degree in these fields will help you land a job in department stores, online retail shops, or boutiques. In addition, if you have a talent for predicting the next most prominent trends, then this field is the best one for you.

PR and Fashion Marketing

Since the only constant thing about fashion trends is its never-ending changes, the industry needs reliable public relations and marketing experts to help promote the newest styles in public. This field is often offered as a separate specialisation at most fashion schools worldwide. But if you take this course, you will learn more about developing advertising strategies to sell your fashion retail products in the market.

Some of the critical responsibilities of PR and fashion marketing officers include analysing the trends and pinpointing marketable products. You must have attention to detail and fantastic communication skills to promote items to the public. In addition, having great fashion copywriting skills is necessary to entice customers to buy the products.

Aside from these fields, you can also have a career in fashion production and management, fashion-themed journalism and publishing, and fashion technology if you enrol for a degree in fashion. You only need to look for a reputable school and university that can help you learn more about the industry you want to be a part of.