What Are the Different Types of Bets in Cricket Betting?

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Cricket is one such sport that has a huge fan base across the world. There are various types of bets in which bettors can choose to invest their money. Moreover, several cricket betting websites provide complete guides on how to bet and what to expect from a bet. This blog is an attempt to discuss the several kinds of cricket bets, their features, various advantages, and disadvantages.

Types of Bets in Cricket Betting

There are various types of cricket betting. Superwin is a platform that is the gateway to a world of excitement, from sports showdowns to casino classics. But it is important to have a clear knowledge of those before investing money in them. The various types of cricket bets found on online cricket betting sites are mentioned below:

1. Match bet: One of the simplest bets in cricket is a match bet. This bet is placed when we need to guess between two teams who will win the match. For bettors, who are new to this field, match betting is the most preferred one. But one must also keep in mind that there are various pointers to keep in mind to make a match bet a successful one.

2. Series winner: The series winner is also another kind of common type of bet. These bets are placed when we want to guess which team is going to win a series of games and not just one single game. This type of bet includes high risk, and also, high payouts can be expected.

3. Outright winner: Outright winner bet is for long-term events. The outright winner is not like the previous types of bets. It is usually placed to guess the team who will win the whole tournament and not just a single match or series. Both odds and payout are quite significant as compared to any other kind of bet.

4. Top batsman: A top batsman is considered to be another common type of bet in cricket. This bet is placed to guess the player who will make the highest number of runs. Top batsmen usually offer higher odds than other kinds of bets.

5. Top bowler: Top bowler bet is similar to the top batsman bet. Here, you need to guess which player is going to take the most number of wickets in an event. The event can either be a tournament or a series.

6. Over/under bet: These are the most common bets available in cricket. Here, the bettors try to guess if the total score will be over the already set benchmark or if it will be under it. Here, all runs made by the team are taken into consideration and are later combined. These are not risky bets and provide a decent amount of payouts.


Different kinds of bets have different pros and cons. Before opting for either of them, it is important to have a clear knowledge about each of them to suffer less loss or no loss at all. Online cricket betting can be quite a fun and thrilling task which lets you earn a hefty amount of money, but for that, it is important to at least know the basics of betting. Superwin is redefining the boundaries of online betting with its state-of-the-art sports and casino platform.

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