Using Quora for Marketing

Your marketing campaign on Quora is all about showing that you understand certain concepts. Answer questions in a smart and sensible manner to show people that you and your business can be trusted. Quora lets you confirm that you understand your field of work. You can also prove to people on Quora that you care about others and hope to resolve any concerns people might have. This chapter includes important aspects of using Quora that must be followed to self-market the correct way.

Create a Great Profile

When you use Quora, you have to show the reader you have a clear idea of what you are talking about. They have to be convinced that you are a trustworthy person to notice. Do this by creating an outstanding profile. Everything in your profile is displayed publicly. Add anything you can about yourself in the profile. Include a link to your site and talk about what you do for a living without sounding promotional. Tell people that you have an extensive amount of experience. Let them know that you are someone who really understands what you discuss and you want to share it.

Answer Correctly with Experience in Mind

Showing off your experience is a vital part of social media marketing. People are more likely to trust in others who have years of experience in their lines of work and are excited about what they offer. When you give an answer on Quora, show that experience to the reader. Talk about your knowledge and expertise in whatever you share.

Be as Detailed as Possible

Having a lot of familiarity makes you more marketable on Quora. Being able to show that your knowledge is real is even more important. Give as many details as possible when producing an answer. You could even link a person to some website other than your own to validate your answer if needed. Don’t forget to add photos if possible.


Do not add a link to your website in your answers. No specific details of what your business does either. Only list what you feel is appropriate when talking about your experience without referring to your specific business or other things you have done. Being sensible when talking about your work is essential to your success.