Soft skills: The Key To Unlock Your Dream Job

Have you ever wondered why you still find it challenging to land your dream job despite having a beautifully organised resume, ample technical skills with experience, and extensive knowledge about the industry? You may be lacking the required soft skills,as well as professional skills which almost all employers are looking for nowadays.

Employers are looking for potential candidates who are proactive, enthusiastic and ready to push all their limits to achieve their targets. We call these skills “soft skills” because these skills are developed based on one’s personality and experiences. Classrooms or textbooks cannot teach these skills. They cannot be memorised for exams in one day and forgotten the other day. These skills come only by practice. Studies have proved that employees with soft skills have contributed more to their firms’ success than their peers.

With vast opportunities and professionally qualified candidates, it is high time for you to refine your soft skills. Here is a list of essential soft skills needed for you for your future career. 

Time management

Time management is an essential skill in these fast-moving, deadline-oriented companies. It is the ability to analyse the requirements of each project, the time required to complete it and to complete the project within the proposed time. Employees should be able to judge their projects and prioritise their time accordingly. Employers don’t want their employees to waste time on unimportant things when vital projects are left behind. Employees should be able to complete the project within the proposed time.


Leadership quality is an essential skill needed in today’s corporate world. It helps in faster decision making and promotes better working culture. Employers always like to consider leaders who can direct people to make quicker decisions and guide them properly to better the project. An employee with leadership qualities will take the initiative and ensure that his team completes the assigned task within their ability. Regardless of your age, you can practise leadership which will help you in your workplace.

Team player

Nowadays, most companies work in teams. So employers are looking for candidates who can work in teams, leading to the company’s growth and development. A team player person will enhance the office culture, boost employee retention, and easily collaborate with others to complete the projects. You will have to share your ideas and consider others to complete the project. Even if you like to work solo, it is better that you refine this skill. You can cite examples where you were a good team player during your hiring process.


Feedback plays an essential role in making a project successful. When your teammate gives you feedback regarding your work, you should be able to accept it positively. Constructive criticism is part of today’s work culture. It would be best to understand that criticising your project will only help you improve it. In this way, you can expand your knowledge and ability.

Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Communication is the fundamental nature of human beings. Now companies are trying to create a friendly work culture within their office. This type of culture can happen only when good communication happens between their employees. To work together as a team and complete a project, you will have to talk and listen to others. When people don’t communicate with each other, mistakes will happen and get repeated, affecting the overall work efficiency. It will lead to a hostile working environment and affect the project. Practicing communication and interpersonal skills will surely help you land your dream job.

Creative thinking

Another essential skill that employers are looking for is creative thinking. Whatever industry you are working in, or whatever problem you are facing, you should be able to develop the desired solution to that problem. Employers prefer candidates with creative thinking skills because they believe that they can keep the business going in its original form with valuable insights.

Conflict resolution

When working in a team, conflicts are likely to happen because people will have differences in opinion. Employers are looking for candidates capable of resolving these conflicts rather than extending them. They want someone who can resolve these issues quickly without affecting the work environment. They should be able to solve these delicate issues most efficiently without disturbing anyone.


Adaptability is another vital skill that employers are looking for in today’s world. Changes are happening in every industry, and the employee must welcome these changes and accept all the challenges coming their way. The employee should be able to adapt to the new changes happening in the industry because you should know the fact that growth means “change”.

Soft skills have become a critical factor in making you land your dream job. Be it accounting, finance, IT, engineering or any other field, soft skills have become the fundamental skills you need to possess. You should consider polishing these skills if you plan to build a career.

These soft skills are extremely important for your professional success. By strengthening your skills, practicing better communication, sharpening your critical thinking process, and taking an accounting course you’ll become a trusted advisor, a confident colleague and a well-rounded accountant.