Plywood Furniture Cleaning Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know

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People have been staying home more often than going outside for work since the beginning of the pandemic. It prompted a surge in demand for cost-effective furniture pieces offering multiple functions. One of the most popular choices today is plywood furniture. This trend allows homeowners to enjoy the aesthetics and function of wooden furniture without the staggering price tag.

Only a few know that plywood can be more durable than natural wood. This material has a cross-grained structure which is more robust than wood’s unidirectional grains. But no matter how firm your plywood home fixture is, you still need to take care of it properly. Here are several ways to maintain your plywoods at home to enjoy them for a long time.

Cleaning Tip #1: Dusting

Dust naturally occurs in all surfaces, including your plywood fixtures. But the amount of dust depends on where you place the furniture and how you use it. You can avoid accumulating thick inches of dust by wiping it down frequently.

The best way to dust plywood surfaces is to use a dry, soft microfibre cloth. Using abrasive or rough cleaning pads can only scratch your furniture. It would help if you did dusting at least once a week. But if the area is naturally dusty, you must dust all your furniture as soon as you notice a buildup to prevent it from affecting the texture and colour of the fixture. Also, you can use a soft brush to get rid of the dust for hard-to-reach areas.

Cleaning Tip #2: Eliminating Stains

Plywood tends to get stained when exposed to some aspects like spilled oil and other liquids. However, cleaning spills does not have to bother if you do it immediately. You may use a unique wood cleaning product available in most hardware stores.

If you do not have this cleaning material, you can create one using pantry staples. All you need to do is combine 1/4 cup of white vinegar and two teaspoons of coconut oil with one cup of water. You may also use gentle soap diluted with clean water to remove the stains.

Cleaning Tip #3: Protect from Humidity

Another critical step to maintain the quality of your plywood furniture is to protect it against humidity and moisture. Exposure to these elements can cause the plywood to rot or get covered with moulds. In addition, prolonged humidity may cause it to shrink and swell and lose its natural shape.

While you can find furniture pieces made using waterproof plywood materials, you must still place them in a spot with access to proper airflow and ventilation. You may also use a store-bought waterproofing solution for the item. These products are usually made using liquid latex substances to spray or paint to develop a waterproof coating.

Cleaning Tip #4: Repair Scratches

You may use placemats, tablecloths, and coasters on top of your plywood tables. These products will add more aesthetics to your furniture and help prevent any dents or scratches on the plywood.

But if things are too late and there are scratches on the table and other plywood-based furniture, you may use sandpaper to fix the damaged part. You must perform this solution as soon as you notice the problem. It is also best to use sandpaper on the item at least once every two years to keep it smooth and maintain its natural beauty.

Since plywood-based furniture is becoming more popular nowadays, knowing all these cleaning tips will come in handy if you want to make your furniture last longer. By following these tips, you will enjoy using your charming yet rustic fixtures for years to come.

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