How to Keep Grill Cover from Blowing Off On a Windy Day

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A grill cover is the best way to keep your grill in its best working order, but grill covers can also be a hassle for some people. It’s very annoying when you go out there to grill and you notice that your grill cover has blown off of the grill. This problem may arise on windy days, even if it doesn’t always happen, or maybe your grill cover was not secured properly. Whatever the reason is, grill covers can be both helpful and harmful; you just have to make sure that yours does not blow away with the wind ever again!

Here are some helpful tips that will keep your grill’s cover from blowing off.

1) You need to secure your grill properly before putting on the grill cover. Make sure that you put some grill weights on the grill. Grill weights will help weigh down your grill cover so it doesn’t blow off with the wind or fly away with birds. Also, make sure that grill is clean before putting on the grill cover so that it can stick better to the grill.

2) Make sure you use a grill cover that is customized for your grill’s exact size. There are many different sizes and shapes of grills, and you need to make sure that you have a grill cover that fits nicely over your grill’s surface area. If not then even little gusts of wind can cause this problem because there will be gaps in between the grill and the grill cover where air can pass through easily.

3) You should also try to grill on windy days when you grill out. These grill covers should always be used when grilling, even if it is not windy. You never know what could happen, so it’s better to grill with grill covers than without. The grill cover can serve as an extra layer of protection just in case it does start raining while your grill is out.

4) Grill covers should also be handled delicately and not dragged across the ground. You might not think that this would cause any damage but grill covers are very thin and will tear after dragging them across the ground too much. They get dirty quickly too; all you need is one small piece of gravel stuck in between the grill cover and your grill to make a hole in the grill cover.

5) Grill covers should never be left out in the sun for too long. This will cause grill covers to fade and crack, which then can also tear grill covers more easily (if they are dragging them across the ground). And grill weights that work well on windy days may not do so well in hot weather so it is best to take grill weights off when grilling out in high temperatures.

Remember grill covers don’t last forever and you will probably need a new one every season or two. For grill sizes: Large: 2-3ft tall Small: 1-2 ft tall Medium: 18 inches tall these tips will keep your grill’s cover from flying away!


Q: My grill cover is too big for my grill and keeps falling off, what should I do?

A: You might have a grill size that does not correspond with the grill cover you have. Grill covers will usually say in their description if they fit a certain grill size or bigger or smaller than that grill size. It’s also best to measure your grill before buying a new grill cover. If you still have problems when putting on your grill cover with it being too small, there are some good tips in this article from the 5 ways to keep grill covers from blowing off on windy days.

Q: Will grill weights add extra weight so that the wind won’t blow off my grill cover?

A: Yes they will! Grill weights are very helpful in keeping grill covers in place in windy weather conditions. If your grill cover is too big for your grill though, grill weights may not do the trick.

Q: What if my grill cover gets ripped?

A: You can get grill covers replaced pretty easily nowadays. There are many different types of grill covers available today, so make sure you always get one that fits nicely with your grill’s size and shape. And remember to handle grill covers delicately!


Grill covers are a grill accessory that everyone needs for grill out events, but it can be tough to find the right size grill cover for your grill. These tips will help you grill without grill covers flying off due to wind!

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