Guide To Choosing The Best Headphones Available In The Market

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If you are looking to buy headphones or earphones, let’s say this is not an easy task. The market is filled with endless new products that have newer and better features than ever before. Picking up the best headphone that suits your needs can be tricky since you may have to shortlist several brands, models, and even styles before making your decision.

The decisions do not end here since after you have decided on the kind of headphones that suits your need, You would have to decide on several other things too. Whether you should buy it from an online platform or visit the store, budget for buying these pair of headphones, is your selection the best headphones for music or work, etc.

This post will now help you make a perfect choice that would suit your needs and, most importantly, your pocket.

The first and foremost step that you must consider headphones is to select the form of headphones that you would prefer. The form here refers to the various types: on-ear headphones, in-ear headphones, and over-the-ear headphones.

In-ear headphones

It is popularly also known as earphones or earbuds. Earphones are most commonly worn by people who are usually on the go. These headphones are considered ideal for individuals who are generally traveling or when they are just out walking. It is because of their compact design that is preferred by several.

For someone who requires to wear headphones for a longer period, in-ear headphones are considered perfect since they comfortably sit inside the very opening of your ear canal. They can also work great for people who want to block any unwanted noise or sound around them and enjoy the music in their ears, which now sounds even better.

Even though the driver in the in-ear headphones is smaller compared to the other two, these too can sound amazing if you decide on spending a little extra. You can also find a great pair that produces high-resolution audio and are built with premium quality. That being said, if you feel that you’re someone who is much more into podcasts and not as much in the quality of music, the best budget headphones could be in-ear headphones.

On-Ear headphones

A lot of people usually get confused between on-ear headphones and in-ear headphones not, and the difference between them is really simple. The on-ear headphones have cushions that sit right on your ear rather than over the ear. Under this category, the headphones on each side of the ear are connected with a headband that goes over the head. When compared over-the ear headphone, these are considered much more compact, so they are considered much more travel friendly.

This category of headphones is particularly preferred by individuals that believe that wearing over-ear headphones makes them feel uncomfortable and warm on the ear. In the case of on-ear headphones, the cushions do not cover the entire ear and, therefore, would not generate as much as the other.

Over-ear headphones

Choosing the over-ear headphones is considered the best option when your main concern is the ultimate audio experience. These headphones have huge drivers, producing much more powerful audio compared to the other two. Another aspect of over-ear headphones which enhances the audio experience is their design. Because of the complete cupping of cushions over the ear, it very effectively blocks any noise outside. 

The over-the-ear headphone is also considered beneficial when you consider the health aspect of it. These headphones have more distance between your ears and your sound drum, so the audio impact is not as harmful. Also, since wearing them blocks any unnecessary noise around, and therefore, the wearer would not have to increase the volume too high.

Wired or wireless

In times of technology, headphones have evolved greatly. Gone are the times when people used to deal with tangled cables to enjoy good music, and bluetooth devices have now taken over the market and are always a preference for individuals, especially when it falls within budget.

In the earlier times, when technology was not at its peak, wearing a wireless device would not have created the same experience as that of a wired one, but now things have changed, and the quality of the audio is not hampered even when your device is wireless.

Wireless devices can be divided into several categories:

  • Earphones that are wireless and connected by a neckband
  • On-ear headphones and a wirelessly connected
  • Over-ear headphones that a wirelessly connected

All the headphones that are mentioned above are connected to your devices, such as smartphones, laptops, music players, and other Bluetooth devices utilizing Bluetooth. Apart from this, there also battery-operated, which ensures the wearer can enjoy uninterrupted hours of music.

Irrespective of whatever type of wireless headphones you choose, you should always make sure that the battery life of these matches your requirement and needs. The market also has several options in wireless headphones that offer a playtime of as high as 30 hours.

Would you require a headphone with noise cancellation or without noise cancellation?

One very common feature that most buyers look forward to in their pair of headphones is noise cancellation. Several headphones available in the market have a natural noise cancellation effect since a physical barrier exists between your ear and the outside world. With an added feature of noise cancellation, what happens is that the built-in microphone in your headphone detects and analyses any environmental sound around you and further generates anti-noise frequencies which are further mixed with music. By making use of Digital filters or analog filters, one can easily get rid of unwanted noise and enjoy.

Not only music but making use of headphones has become very common in workplaces also. While sitting in a busy office, individuals can easily build an environment where they can communicate with others without any noise.

In the end, we can simply conclude by saying that several options may be available in the market. There is no defined limit on how much one can spend, but with a little research and understanding of what features you are looking for, you can never go wrong.


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