Education is the primary key to improving your character

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Education is the structured process of enabling people to learn, acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, habits, skills, and personal development as individuals learn in interaction with others. Education can be formal or informal. Educational systems include training, teaching, and informal learning, guided studies, and relevant research. The processes of education are associated with five main objectives:

Education helps individuals to become well-informed about the world and its place in it. Knowledge is power; therefore, an informed society is a progressive society. Education helps people to develop their capacity to know, understand, analyze, evaluate and forecast. A good education helps in becoming well-oriented and enables an individual to contribute to building a better society.

Education helps a person to make choices. Without education, a person remains passive and contented. Education gives you choices. It develops your character, improves your motivation, enables you to decide, and makes you mature.

Education makes a person financially independent. Education enables a person to make a living by providing him with a job and income. A better place is not being visited by an ignorant and uneducated person. On the other hand, an educated person contributes to the betterment of society by giving advice and suggestions, creating business opportunities, using his talents, and being productive.

Education enables people to participate in public life. Education makes a nation united and broad-based. Through education, people get self-confidence that they are part of something larger than themselves. Consequently, better public policies have been enacted that benefit all citizens.

Education ensures better health and fitness. When people have equal opportunities to get a good job and get good pay, they eat better and have greater fitness levels. That is why people with equal education have better physical fitness levels than those who do not have equal education. Education facilitates in giving fitness lessons. Therefore, an intelligent and well-educated person is healthy and fit.


Education facilitates better business opportunities. Education encourages businesses to create jobs, thus creating better places to live. When a country creates more jobs, money is circulated within the economy and flows to other areas, thus causing the growth. A nation with a sound education system can draw in more investments from the outside world to grow further and become a better place to live.

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