4 Reasons a Front-Load Washer May Be Your Next Best Friend

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Front-load washers conserve more energy across the board compared to top load washing machines. According to reports, a front-load washing machine scores far higher on water usage alone. A typical front-load washer utilises five fewer gallons of water per load. This translates to 2000 fewer gallons annually.

Moreover, the tumbling action is gentler for your clothes, thus cutting down wear and tear while still providing a thorough cleaning. Review organisations such as Consumer Reports have determined that front load washers provide better cleaning compared to top load washers.

1. The gentle cycle cares for fabric better

Many users report that their clothes fare better when washed in a front-load machine. The reason behind this is the front load washer’s horizontal axis spins like a dryer. No agitator is moving the clothes inside the drum. Since they are not being twisted or pushed and pulled, it mitigates damage to your garments. For this reason, front load washers may be the best option to increase the longevity of your clothes and make them look new as long as possible.

2. Energy-efficient

Besides being space savers and looking sleek, front load washers are better for the environment. It saves you money on your power bills. Front-load washers that meet Energy Star qualifications can save you $45 to $125 annually, depending on the model and how frequently you use it.

A washing machine must utilise 11% less energy than its earlier counterparts to meet Energy Star standards. Moreover, since energy-efficient models spin at a faster rate, they effectively reduce moisture, thus reducing the time spent in the dryer.

3. Water efficiency

People are becoming more eco-conscious. For this reason, manufacturers have started applying eco-friendly innovations to their products. Front-load washers are the best option for anyone looking to cut back on water usage. Standard washing machines utilise about 40 gallons or 151 L of water per load. In contrast, a front-loading washer only uses 20 to 25 gallons or 94 L since the drum only needs to be filled partially to wash the clothes. This translates to huge savings that will help you decrease water bills.

4. Stackable

Front-load washing machines can be stacked with a dryer. When these two appliances are stacked over each other, it frees up floor space.

There are at least a couple of reasons why most homeowners decide to opt for a stacked washer dryer layout. The first is they may have no other option. Most homes in urban areas and rental spaces have the laundry set installed in a small closet where vertical space may be the only room available. But even those who enjoy having bigger space still opt to stack their laundry units since it frees up more functional space that can be utilised for other essentials such as cabinetry and storage.

Laundry equipment is critical in any home. These handy devices keep your clothes and other fabric clean in a snap. But in many homes, space, among other things, tends to be an essential factor when choosing a washer and dryer. A front-loading washer ticks off many boxes when it comes to benefits. Its energy efficiency, space-saving, and performance features beat the competition.

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